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Contact Information:

Bonnie Buchele, Ph.D.

Phone:  816-531-2600


Adult Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Group Psychotherapist

With more than 30 years in practice as a counseling psychologist, psychoanalyst and
group psychotherapist, I have found that most people, at some time, can benefit from
talking with a professional about emotional problems they are encountering. 

When working together, I develop a relationship with each person so that difficult life
issues can be faced within a context of mutual understanding and trust. Over time,
through our work together, people discover new ways of meeting the challenges that

brought them to me.

Many who come to work with me initially worry that something  is "wrong" with them
and often say they believe they should be able to improve their situations on their own.
Difficulties in relationships, problems concerning work, or recovering from bad experiences, can be painful parts of life. Talking about them with a professional can hasten change and improvement.


Helping people recover from traumatic experiences is an area where I have a particular interest and extensive training and experience. In my practice, I have assisted many people who have been through a variety of traumatic experiences by working with them in individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis and group psychotherapy. I also have written articles and books, lectured and taught on this subject.

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